Electric Chopper® 80km / h 5000W Model: SILENCE S03

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Brand Silence
Model S03
Speed max. 80km/h
Power 2 x 2,5KW
Power supply 230 V
Weight 200 KG


Battery LiFePo4 (LFP)
Battery life min. 1000 cycles
Battery  cappacity 5,5KWh / 107 Ah
Homologated range 185 km
Range in the city 100 KM
Charging time max. 6 hours



SILENCE S03 is an efficient and technologically high-quality three-wheeled scooter. SILENCE S03 is a product of a Spanish company dedicated to ecological mobility in cities.


S03 is a special version of the popular scooter S02, where the two rear wheels are equipped with separate engines with an output of 2 x 2.5 kW for greater stability, safety and especially the load capacity, which is at a maximum level of 395 kg. The SILENCE S03 scooter is destined to work in the city for delivery and courier companies. Three wheels is more safe even for less experienced drivers.


The rear suspension is optimized for driving on irregular terrain. The SILENCE S03 scooter provides high stability and greater ability on uphill climbs.


The SILENCE S03 scooter has a built-in removable 5.5KWH / 107Ah battery, thanks to which it can handle 100 km of urban traffic on a single charge. The battery includes a BMS which ensures long life and safety.