Electric Chopper® 100km / h 7000W Model: SILENCE S01

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Lithium battery:
Producer: SILENCE
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Brand Silence
Model S01
Speed 100 km/h
Power supply 230V
Weight 115 kg


Battery LiFePo4 (LFP)
Battery life 1 000 cycles
Homologated range 147 km
Range in the city 120 km
Charging time 6 hours


Silence S01 is a powerful and technologically advanced electric scooter, manufactured by the Spanish company for the European market, which is dedicated to urban ecological mobility.
S01 is in the category up to 125cm3 - sufficient VO category B
The scooter is equipped with a powerful electric motor mounted in the rear wheel with an output of 7 kW max. (11 kW) speed limited to max. 100 Km / Hour Acceleration 0-50 Km / Hour 3.8 seconds.
Four driving modes: ECO, CITY, SPORT and REVERSE.
The scooter can be delivered with a limited speed of up to 45 Km / Hour for VO L1e.

The SILENCE S01 scooter has a powerful detachable lithium battery with an output of 5.6 KW with a range of 147 km. The battery is equipped with a mobile system that facilitates the transport of the battery. The scooter has a battery balancing system (BBS), which ensures long battery life and safety.

The battery has a built-in 600 W charger, which allows you to charge the battery within 6 hours.

The battery can be equipped with a 230V converter with a power of 700W and you can use it in an off grid system for charging a smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV or 90L refrigerator. This makes the battery multi-purpose.
The Battery has a built-in 55 W heater, which allows you to heat the battery before charging, which improves charging in extremely cold environments. It also increases battery life because frost charging shortens battery life.
To increase the safety of expensive batteries, the battery has a built-in GPS tracker that allows you to track the battery remotely.
Battery life has been proven for more than 10,000 used scooters across the EU, where scooters have exceeded 40,000 km and the batteries have maintained an average capacity of 97%.


Silence S01

The SILENCE S01 scooter has an extra-large storage box under the seat, which can hold two helmets.
Great attention has been paid to safety. The scooter has a very short braking distance and thanks to the low center of gravity, the scooter is very easy to handle and stable. Extensive sensor system monitors all important parts of the scooter (engine, battery and controller) and thus increases safety.
The SILENCE S01 scooter has a reverse mode (reverse) and a kinetic energy regeneration system (KERS) or regenerative braking, in which the energy from the braking returns to the battery. Regenerative braking reduces air pollution from disc brake dust while saving energy costs.


The SILENCE S01 scooter is a truly intelligent scooter, equipped with a tracking or sharing application from the factory. If you equip the SILENCE S01 scooter with a 3G mobile SIM card, you can connect it to a smartphone and start sharing it with friends and family. The software provides many features, including navigation, theft protection, and sharing. If the SILENCE S01 scooter is not equipped with a SIM card, it works via bluetooth and you can use the application to unlock the storage space and start the scooter. The software is constantly updated with new features.

Silence S01