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GotWay MSuper 3 18" 1600Wh 45km/h 160km

Price 1 990.00
List price 2 487.50 , Discount 20 %
Availability: 90 dní-days
Price excl. VAT: 1 658.33
Product code: GotWay Msuper 3s 18" 1600Wh 45
Producer: Gotway
Warranty: 24 months

Color: Black
Battery Lithium: 1600 wh
Engine 3 000 watts
Maximum speed: 45 km / h
Range per charge: 160 km
Weight: 23.2 kg
Weight Limit: 120 kg
Rate of climb: 33 °
Tire size: 18 "Ф 457.2 mm
Size: 590X550X250mm
Repeated recharging: 1800 x
Charging time: 360 min
Connection from your phone: with Bluetooth 4.0
Charger: AC 76V-240V, 50 / 60HZ
Pedal height: 130 mm
Built in Light: Yes Front + Rear
Recovery: Yes

Recovery is the process of converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle back to usable energy during braking - recharges the battery. This energy would otherwise be lost as heat.




New for 2016 the maximum speed of 45 km / h

It is equipped with a USB plug for recharging mobile phone for example.

It can connect with Android and iOS.

There is a possibility to turn off the limiter, check your current speed, distance traveled, battery status in the range of 10% - 100%, etc.

To ease the movement from point A to point B. You can always have on hand. It is also suitable as a gift for children and adults, sports talented and untalented.

It is suitable for daily commuting to school or work but also for entertainment. Go with it seamlessly doors, elevators, escalators, etc. after.

It has one lithium battery Nionova a larger capacity and a maximum range of up to 80 km.

Range depends on driving style, terrain and weight of the person who rides on it. That battery last as long as possible, it must be fully recharged at least 1x per month.

When driving you are considered pedestrians. Because it produces no emissions and has a small footprint, it can move in places that are inaccessible to conventional Segweye.

Cost of operation: for 1, - EUR go from 500 to 1000 km (by weight from 60 to 120 kg).

When braking, the brake lights signaling.





2)Gotway android APP for MCM2S,Msuper,Mten

3)Gotway English ios APP for MCM3,MCM4