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Electric scooter 10 10" 500W 20km / h - 30km lead DES06-A1

Availability: Nedstupné
Product code: El. kolobežka 10 DES06-A1
Producer: Yongkang
Warranty: 24 months

Maximum load 110 kg

The maximum speed of 20 km / h

Engine power 500W

Range up to 30 km

Lead-acid battery 36V (3x12V 12 Ah)

Battery status indication LED panel on the handlebars

Charging time 6-8 hours

Charger yes - part scooters

Front / rear LED light yes

Activation / off. key yes

Front suspension with rocker-central spring

Rear suspension double articulated

Disc brakes (front and rear)

Tire diameter 23 cm

Wide handlebars, adjustable (BMX type)

Yes folding system - patent "P-DESIGN USA"

Removable seat yes

Colour black

Mass. scooter with a bat. 46 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 111 x 62 (48) cm

Warranty 24 months

Scooter uses three pieces of 12V batteries premium.

Scooter and goes up the hill.


Battery capacity display clear LED panel is located next to the accelerator (gas), which is located at the right handle. 3 colored LEDs indicate the current battery status and by making it possible to estimate what a scooter in front of her range. To start off easy just turn the handle toward you and the scooter is moving smoothly. Button ECO / TURBO is placed on the accelerator.

If you press the red button then activate ekonomicmý Mode (ECO). The engine power is automatically reduced to about 650W. With this mode, you can conserve battery power and a longer route to go on a single charge. If the button is off, the scooter goes to full power 1200W.

This model is equipped with front and rear suspension. The front suspension is taken from the petrol models, it is more stable and more durable than the old design. They used solid side panels, which combined with a new front spring to ensure safe operation of the machine.

Front suspension equalizer a novel mechanism mounted in bearings - ie. Requires minimum tightening securing screws, lightweight cushioning running!

Articulated rear suspension is provided by two massive springs to obtain maximum driving comfort on inequality.

Wide racing handlebars are essential for easy operation scooter at higher speeds. To increase safety on the handlebars BMX container with softened substrate.

The right hand controls the throttle and front brake (just as it is with motorcycles), Left hand controls the rear brake. The braking system has undergone innovations - are used shorter, sports resilient thrust levers and new brake discs scooter can really slow down to a few meters.

Brake levers are factory integrated holes (threaded) to the possibility of using original mirrors
Use removable seats for improved comfort and driving feel safe when maneuvering. It is adjustable and is also applicable for the above persons.

Definitely we recommend it at electric scooter use.
For storage or transport the scooter can be quickly and easily folded at the touch of a lever. This requires only a few seconds.

For easier handling of the scooter batteries can simply choose from scooters. They are stored in a textile bag and the scooter's battery pack attached one cable with a connector. As a replacement can be purchased

Suitable for all ages with the possibility of limiting the power to about 650W for the elderly or children.

The controls are very simple - you turn the throttle towards you and the scooter without a jolt.