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Electric HARLEY 23 ML-SC03 cushioning 35km/h 80km

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RAL 80.000
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Product code: Electric HARLEY 21 ML-SC03
Producer: Merlot
Warranty: 24 months

Maximum load: 200 kg

Maximum speed: 35 km / h

Range up to 80 kilometers (190 km)

The engine in the Wheel: 800W

Color: Red - Black

Battery: 12Ah Li-Ion 1000 charging cycles

APP: Yes

Battery status indication: digital panel on the handlebars

Rate of climb: 15 °

Charging time: 6 hours

Charger: Yes - part scooters

Light: Front / rear LED light: Yes

Brakes: Front and rear disc, hydravlicke

Tyres: The soul of diameter 18x9,5 inch / cm 45,7x24,1

Folding system: No

Scooters Weight: 50 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 155 x 75 x 120

Scooter and goes up the hill.

Alarm: No

Front suspension: Yes

Wheels: Standard

Seat option: Additional

Rudder: Additional

Energy recovery: Yes
Recovery is the process of converting the kinetic energy of the vehicle back to usable energy during braking - recharges the battery. This energy would otherwise be lost as heat.