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Electric HARLEY 01 60V Sample sell 40km/h 90km

Price 499.00
List price 2 495.00 , Discount 80 %
Availability: Momentálne nedostupné
Price excl. VAT: 415.83
Product code: Electric HARLEY 01 ML-SC03
Producer: Electric Chopper

Exposed sample, 80% discount is provided on sale without warranty.

1 step warranty applies at 70%
2 year warranty applies at 60%

We do not send this model on delivery, the picking is only possible personally in Bratislava.

Electric Chopper

Maximum capacity: 200 kg

Maximum speed: 40 km / h

Access to: 90 km (250 km)

Engine in the Wheel: 1000 W

Color: by choice

Battery: 60V 12Ah 720Wh Lithium-ion 1000 rechargeable cycles

IP protection: IP54

Battery status indication: panel on handlebars

Gradient: 18 °

Recharge time: 6 hours

Charger: Yes - part of scooter

Light: Front / rear LED light: Yes

Brakes: Front and rear disc, Hydraulic

Tires: With a diameter of 18x9.5 inch / 45.7x24.1 cm

Folding system: No.

Scope weight: 51 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 185 x 75 x 120

The scooter goes to the hills.

Alarm: No.

Front suspension crank: Yes

Discs: Standard

Additional seat: For an extra charge

Directions: For an extra charge

Energy recovery: No
Recovery is the process of turning a part of the kinetic energy of the vehicle back into the usable energy of braking - recharging the battery. This energy would otherwise be lost in the form of heat.

All accessories like pockets, headlamps, tachometer and Harley seats are at an additional cost

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