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AirWheel S3 White-Blue 520Wh

Price 1 699.00
List price 2 427.14 , Discount 30 %
Availability: 3-30 dní (days)
Price excl. VAT: 1 415.83
Product code: S3W520C141208042
Producer: AirWheel
Warranty: 24 months

Color:                                        White
Lithium                                     Battery: 520Wh
Motor:                                      1000 watt
Maximal speed:                       18km/h
Distance for one charging:    45-60 km
Airwheel Weight:                    22,4kg
Weight limit:                           120kg
Climbability:                           15°/18°
Tire size:                                  Ф360 mm
Airwheel dimensions:            1280X613X587mm
Repeated charging:                1 800 x
Duration of charge:                240 min
Battery life:                             65 000 km
Charger:                                  AC 76V-240V, 50/60HZ
Pedal height:                          115 mm

Use at temperatures of -10 °C to 40 °C (best between 20 °C ~ 30 °C)
The pack includes a standard AC 220V 50-60 Hz charger.
The pack includes 2 stabilizers for learning.

To avoid injuries caused by excessive speed, airwheel has set the maximum speed at 18 km / h. Upon exceeding a speed of 12 km / h, the front of the pedal gradually rises up and when you exceed a speed of 16 km / h, the pedal is tilted at 10 degrees to the surface and stops you from accelerating further.

Battery protection
When the level of power drops below 15%, all four flash and the buzzer sounds. The front end of the pedal sinks to force you to slow down and it eventually stops. Don’t try to ride again, or you could suffer a sudden loss of power and fall.

If the airwheel tilts more than 45 degree to one side, for example when turning, the control system activates fall protection and the motor immediately stops to avoid injury.

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