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Hoverboard - Airboard and how to navigate them:

Wheel Size 6.5 inch (17 cm), 8 inches (21 cm) or 10 inch (26 cm), the size of the wheel has a major influence to overcome obstacles and terrain roughness. Wheel size do not have to deal with if you ride on flat surfaces. Generally, the larger the wheel, the greater throughput uneven terrain.

On models 31 and 32, 10 inch tires are used with a soul, which increases convenience and throughput uneven terrain. For models 11-24 are used wheels from hard rubber.

Bluethooth is used as an external speaker, you can easily play music from your mobile phone.

Batteries and how to orient them:
1. A battery brand - BRAND are characterized by reliability and good performance.
    B. Unbranded - Cheap batteries are less reliable, sometimes failure.

2. The number of charging cycles 1000 and 500 - that is, the number of times the battery can be recharged repeatedly (how long it will last).